Laminated paper, aluminum foil and other complex material designs in FORMATS.

All materials produced by our company can be prepared in formats ranging from 5 cm to 160 cm on a sleeve with an internal diameter of 76 mm and an outer diameter of the winding of the rolls from 40 to 50 cm.

Product type




Label paper in densities from 35 to 80 g / m2 with a coated layer of polyethylene with a density of 10 to 30 g / m2 is widely used for packaging:

  products - these are stick (sugar, salt, pepper), sachets, etc.

  Medicine - these are tablets, medicines, tools, etc.

Formats from 50 to 1600 mm:



The Aluminum foil in combination with paper and food polyethylene in densities from 86 to 96 grams / m2 is widely are used for packaging:

  products - butter, margarine, ice cream, sweets, chewing gums, etc.

  medicine - is a medication on the example of Smect, Fervex, etc.

  chemicals - these are reagents and other active chemicals.

Formats from 50 to 1600 mm:

We are produce laminated material for kraft bags from brown craft, according to a previously agreed upon application.

Delivery of materials in formats is carried out according to a pre-agreed order and prepaid deposit of 50% of the order amount.

The minimum quantity of delivery in formats is from 100 kg.

Prices are approved for each application.



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