The products we produce correspond to: 

TU U 17.1.-41255950-001: 2017 (*Ukraine Technical Specifications) - Packing materials from paper, metallized paper, metallized cardboard, polyethylene, polypropylene, combined materials and products from them.
SEZ № 602-123-20-1/20824 - Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate.   
GOST (*State Standard of Ukraine):
6659-83 - Cardboard upholstery waterproof; 
9421-80 - Cardboard container flat glued;
7950-77 - Cardboard interwoven;
7933-89 - Cardboard for consumer packaging;
7420-89 - Cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard;    

Materials are applicable for further processing, according to: 

GOST (*State Standard of Ukraine):
7376-89 - Cardboard corrugated;
9142-90 - Corrugated cardboard boxes;
13511-91 - Boxes of corrugated cardboard for food, matches, tobacco products and detergents;
13512-91 - Boxes of corrugated cardboard for confectionery;
13513-86 - Corrugated cardboard boxes for meat and dairy products;
13515-91 - Containers made of packaged flat glued cardboard for butter and margarine;
13516-86 - Boxes of corrugated cardboard for canned food, preserves and food liquids;
16535-95 - Boxes of corrugated cardboard for ice cream;
13479-82 - Cardboard and combined cans;
12301-81 - Boxes made of cardboard, paper and combined materials;
DSTU (*State Standard of Ukraine):
7276:2012 - Packs of cardboard, paper and combined materials;

* ISO 9001, 22000 (HACCP) - according to the plan in the IV quarter of 2017.


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