Laminated polypropylene fabric with polyethylene or polypropylene from roll to roll.
Laminated polypropylene fabric with polyethylene or polypropylene by extrusion, coating density from 10 g/m2 to 50 g/m2.

We provide the service of lamination of polypropylene fabric - sleeve, half sleeve, canvas.
Lamination width from 40 cm to 175 cm.
Fabric density from 20 g / m2 to 250 g / m2
Winding diameter of fabrics up to 1.5 m.

Laminated polypropylene fabric is mainly used for the production of transport packaging: Big-Bag, liner in wagons and containers, bags.

The lamination layer gives the material hydro-barrier properties, performs a next of useful functions:
prevents the penetration of moisture and dust to the contents
protects the external environment from leaking content
increases the strength of the material

We offer high-quality execution of orders; we are open to the production of experimental (innovative) batches of products.
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Laminated spunbond coated with polyethylene or polypropylene
Laminated spunbond with polyethylene or polypropylene with a density of 30 g / m2:


Laminated spunbond is used mainly for the production of anti-epidemic disposable (protective) clothing:
- medical helmet;
- medical dressing gown (protective)
- medical apron;
- medical oversleeves;
- medical shoe covers high on ties;
- a sanitary bag for morgues.

Special clothing made of laminated spunbond acts as a protection in virtue of to a layer of polyethylene or polypropylene, which is connected to the spunbond by extrusion lamination technology.

Spunbond laminated with polyethylene or polypropylene is ideal for the production of waterproof products:
- tablecloths;
- sheets.

Width of rollers of the laminated spunbond is1600 mm.
Winding of rollers of the laminated spunbond from 500 to 1000 meters.
Laminated fabric
TS/PE - fabric, laminated with polyethylene.

Material properties:
- protection from moisture and high wear resistance.

Application area: 
- light industry (tablecloths, aprons, bags, special clothes, cosmetic bags, school bags, durable bags and tents for tourism, etc.);
- in the shipping industry (elements for sails, bags for appliances and portable equipment) for the production of fabrics with increased requirements for strength and moisture resistance.

Application area
Light industry                  

PAP-CT/PE/S- ombined material, based on paper-cardboard and fabrics, joined by a polymer layer by extrusion method.

Application area:
- for convenience in storage and transportation in wet climatic zones for the transport of loose building materials and products with high requirements for moisture resistance.

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