PE/PAP-CT/PE/PAP-CT - this is combined material, based on laminated cardboard, polymer layer and cardboard, duplicated with each other by extrusion method.

It is used to create waterproof and grease resistant packaging, corrugating and laminating of packaging  (fish, vegetables, fruits).

Properties and advantages of the material:
- high strength;
- excellent barrier properties.

Application area

Packaging for

Vegetables, fruits, fish, meat


PAP-CT/PE/PAP - this is ombined material, based on paper-cardboard, polymer layer and high-quality coated paper, duplicated with each other by extrusion method.

It is used for packing:
- washing powders (with application of multicolour printing), household chemical goods (bulk detergents);
- bulk products.

Advantages of the material: high barrier and hydrophobic properties.

Application area

Household chemical goods (bulk detergents):

Washing powders,

Powders for cleaning utensils, carpets, etc.   


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