TS/PE/ALUF - it is an environmentally friendly material, a foil-fabric made of fiberglass and aluminum foil, interconnected by polyethylene by extrusion.

The aluminum fabric is especially in demand due to a wide range of temperatures (from minus 200 to plus 500 ⁰) and a wide range of applications, it has the following advantages:

- reliable waterproofing and vapor barrier
- reflects up to 97% of thermal radiation
- not subject to corrosion, ultraviolet radiation
- not lit, heat resistant
- resistant to fungi and mold, water resistant
- works on the principle of thermos
- convenient for installation

Application area - material is used as a protective coating for various thermal insulation structures:
- at the enterprises of food, oil refining and chemical industries, where the application of permissible temperature is taken into account;
- for pipelines of a thermal system for underground and above-ground laying;
- for tanks that store fuel oil, oil, hot and cold water, oil products, as well as for process pipelines that have a negative or positive temperature;
- as an insulating material in civil and residential construction for pipelines of cold and hot water supply.
FP/GL/PAP-CT/PE/PAP-CT - this thermal insulation material with a thermal barrier, the basis can include: paper-cardboard, polymer layer, glue, styrofoam.

Thermal insulation materials are widely applicable in the construction of buildings of any purpose and for the production of industrial units to reduce heat exchange, where necessary, including in refrigeration and heating equipment.

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