About company

UKR-KOMBI-PAK Ltd is focused on the production of materials for the creation of modern, bright and eco-friendly packaging for use in the food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, cosmetics, chemical and light industries.

Our equipment allows us to produce combined materials in rolls based on paper, kraft paper, cardboard, polyethylene, aluminum foil and fabrics, where all layers are interconnected by extrusion method. Ready-made rolls are applicable for further processing in different industries. All materials meet the requirements   ТУ  17.1-41255950-001:2017.

In 2017 our company developed unique grease resistant and waterproof materials that have no analogues. All materials are tested in the laboratory .

Packaging of goods plays a big role in their successful implementation. Our company provides services for customers in the development and implementation of new types of materials, taking into account the requirements of the customer.... 

Advantages of working with us:
  • Multistage quality control of the products; 
  • The positive experience of engineers in the field of flexible packaging for 15 years; 
  • Leading positions in the research of packaging materials; 
  • Systematic scientific work on the development of the packaging of the future; 
  • Release of new types of packaging materials only after testing; 
  • Compliance with international standards; 
  • Development of flexible material for individual customer order; 

And most importantly - our customers are competitive on the market due to the wide range of materials we produce:

  • Waterproof cardboard and paper 
  • Aluminum foil board and foil paper 
  • Barrier liner 
  • Aluminum foil liner 
  • Barrier cardboard and paper 
  • Thermo-corrugated cardboard 
  • The aluminum fabric 


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