Combined packaging materials in rolls

In the production of combined packaging materials we use aluminum foil, materials based on synthetic polymers and paper. The sequence of layers (or the structure of a composite) depends on its functional purpose. The outer layer of the composite material protects against external influences and is printed with colorful printing. This layer uses paper or polymers. The inner layer ensures the sealing of the package, and the middle or outer layer - the barrier properties. The monolithicity of the resulting composite is achieved by adhesion. Adhesion is a technological process, as a result of which the dissimilar bodies are combined into a single whole.
Aluminum foil is certified and meets GOST 745-2003 (*State Standard of Ukraine). This material effectively preserves food due to its barrier properties to the effects of oxygen and moisture, to the penetration of bacteria and ultraviolet rays, to the influence of temperatures. It is important to note that by the end of the production process, thanks to high-temperature annealing, aluminum foil becomes sterile, so it is safe to use with food. A big plus, aluminum foil can be heated up to high temperatures, without deforming and not melting, which is an ideal condition for the sealing processes of the package.
Aluminum foil is widely used in:
  • the confectionery industry. The main types of foil used are smooth and unpainted, laminated painted and unpainted, laminated; 
  • the dairy industry. The main types of foil used are laminated with printing and without printing, with a thermo-lacquer, with a heat-sealing layer, laminated, smooth; 
  • the tobacco industry. The main types of foil used are laminated with embossing and without embossing, laminated with drawing of a figure pattern, laminated with glaze varnish; 
  • the pharmaceutical industry. The main types of foil used are smooth, with a thermo-lacquer, with a thermo-lacquer and a seal, with a heat-sealing layer, laminated. 
Materials based on synthetic polymers are: polyolefins - low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, polypropylene, copolymers of ethylene with other monomers (polypropylene, vinyl acetate), polybutene, poly-4-methylpentene; Polyethylene terephthalate; Polycarbonate; Polyamides.
Paper for the production of combined packaging materials is: - label paper (with micro-coated), paraffined, laminated, kraft paper (paper with increased density).
Cardboard - thin cardboard (density from 125 to 400 g / m2) and thick corrugared cardboard (density from 401 to 1200 g / m2).
Our company produces heat-insulating material with a thermal barrier, which can be based on paper-cardboard, polymer layer, glue, styrofoam, aluminum foil and various types of fabrics.
In the production of combined packaging materials on our own equipment, our company uses eco-friendly raw materials that meet all European quality standards, and a large range of products allows our customers to order packaging in one place, receiving favorable terms of cooperation.
Raw material marking and its characteristics are presented in the table:

Raw materials
Density, kg/m2 (from-to)
 Paper  PAP  0,030 - 0,125
 Cardboard  CT  0,125 - 0,440
 Polyethylene  PE  0,010 - 0,050
 Aluminum  ALUF  0,017 - 0,034
 Corrugated cardboard three-layer  GM-3  0,350
 Corrugated cardboard five-layer  GM-5  0,580
 Glue  GL  0,010 - 0,050
 Styrofoam  FP  0,250 - 2,700
 Kraft paper  PAPK  0,030 - 0,125
 Label paper     PAPL       0,030 - 0,125
 Fabric  TS  0,100 - 1,500

All combined materials are produced in rolls. The roll is a cylinder formed by winding the finished composite onto a cardboard bushing. The format of the composite roll is the height of the cylinder, which is expressed in millimeters. The diameter of the roll is the diameter of the base of the cylinder. The diameter of the roll is also reflected in millimeters. The internal diameter of the cardboard sleeve is usually 76.2 mm. The cardboard bushing is designed to be pushed onto the shaft of the unwinding machine for the subsequent unwinding of the roll. This information is important for those customers who unwind rolls by machine, either pushing a roll onto the shaft (pin) and manually unwinding the required lengths.

The dimensions of the roll are shown in the picture below.


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